Client Testimonials

Exceptional Attorney Margot Beasley (Thank You So Much)

For those of you that believe in an higher power (God) and (since I had to get a divorce), I prayed that he would help me choose the right attorney and I believe me he did by sending me to Margot. Notice I call her Margot and that is because she has become very dear to me.
All my adult life I had been a strong, educated, advice giving role model to many people but when I found out that my husband had deceived me after years of marriage I fell apart. When I approached him in regards to his adultery he was defiant, verbally abusive and for the first time psychically abusive, he showed no remorse after years of often expressing and showing his love for me. I remember we watched the movie the” Note Book”, together and cried together and vowed to grow old together but that was all erased by the willing decision made by him to cheat. You see I did not look as young as I did and my health began to fail me. We had beautiful grandchildren that I was more than willing to spend time with but he wanted something more to be young again and as he told me” you are just an old grandma” he could no longer see that I still had a sparkle in my eyes just for him.
You see once a man or women betray the marriage bed by choosing to pick another berry or( lay with another) they turn their face from you and it is almost impossible to get their attention again. The trapping of adultery are so shinny and everyday living with your mate appears to be a burden.

I am giving you so much back ground to let you know I was a broken women and when Margot heard my story she worked hard to get the respect and justice that I deserved. I was willing to give up but she wouldn’t let me. I will forever be grateful to her she is a genius when it comes to defending her client in my opinion. This is my truth and rest assure if you employ her as your attorney to are getting the best!!!

- (5 star review)


YOU FOUND YOUR LAWYER!!!! I used a lawyer that made me feel worthless, insecure, and didn’t explain anything to me. I was confused and my life was miserable. I met Margot Beasley and EVERYTHING CHANGED!!! She was extremely personable – yet was strong and direct to the other party when needed. She has the skill to read others and be persuasive. This is a good thing because she is the one on the forefront and I needed her to show my other party why this or that made sense and needed to be executed. I truly believe I had exactly who I needed and what my case needed when I hired Margot Beasley as my lawyer! …. And here’s why: 1) Margot Beasley has a very competitive rate – and is worth every penny! 2) She is responsive! If she is in court or out of town or on another call she makes sure to communicate that to you and honors any date/time for a follow up call, meeting or email that you need. 3) She has experience! She was knowledgeable as to what was mostly the outcome for all of my options I wanted to take. Her ability to draw reasonable, logical conclusions or assumptions from the information she had was extremely important to me. I could then make the most educated decision on what’s best for me and my family. 4) At times we needed to dig into financials and thoroughly search the different scenarios/outcomes …. This is where her research and analytical skills were on point and gave my heart ease to rest easy that she would take care of the deep deep questions and find the correct answer I didn’t have time to do! 5) This list could on and on but I can’t stop writing until I mention how strong Margot’s perseverance and commitment is. She knew exactly when to remind me to ride it out and wait because they are calling my bluff – or when it wasn’t going to be worth pursuing. YET she always let me know it was my decision which was refreshing.

- (5 star review)

A great person, and an even better Lawyer

After many, many negative experiences with attorneys in the past, I am truly grateful to have come across Ms. Beasley. Her professionalism and pure dedication to your case and experience as a client altogether, cannot be matched elsewhere. Night or day, I know that I can rely on Margot for the best advice, consultation, or plan of action, regardless of the nature of the situation.

Margot is incredibly knowledgeable about the law, and expresses that in any client related issue. Additionally, her personable nature, friendliness, and tenacious attitude allows any client to feel secure and well represented.

Again, I am grateful to have found such a great attorney and would highly recommend her to anyone.

- (5 star review)

Margot Beasley is highly professional

Margot Beasley is a highly professional, highly motivated individual. She showed me the caliber of a person she is made of. I am very pleased with her ability, performance, and her honesty. She is a people person and someone you can work with. I am highly satisfied working with her.

- (5 star review)