This is Personal

You are probably not reading this because you want to.  You are likely experiencing one of the hardest situations you have ever faced.  This is a period of emotional upset, financial uncertainty, and major transition.  The choices you make during this time will have a significant impact on your future and the future of your family.

Ms. Beasley has earned a reputation as an up front and honest advocate.  She is direct in her assessment of every situation, and her experience allows her to predict outcomes without making false-promises. Her practice is client-centered, and her approach to is individually tailored to meet each client’s goals. Clients are emotionally supported and legally protected, every step of the way.  She capably maintains the balance between compassionate counsel and expert advocacy.

A Civil Approach

Although there is really no such thing as an “easy” case, we recognize that many family law practitioners apply the same formula to every case: fight, fight, fight.  The most common goal for our clients is a resolution that protects their parental rights, relationships, and assets-without spending a fortune and creating life-long animosity.  Simply put: we don’t manufacture conflicts where none should exist.  Where legitimate conflicts exist, our team ensures you are informed, prepared, and protected.

Margot’s practice is dedicated solely to family matters in Missouri. These include: adoptions, orders of protection, child support enforcement, paternity, child support, child custody and divorce, child custody and child support modifications.